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Founded in the year 1992 by the present Managing Director Giancarlo Dughera, Cofi s.r.l. started its activity with a minimum capital required for a limited liability society.

Thank to its strong dynamism and the wish to succeed, in a short time it succeeded in incrementing both total sales and structural size, by investing all benefits.



The vitality of Cofi is represented by a team consisting both of skilled personnel, coming from previous experiences in the field of seals and gaskets, hoses and expansion joints, and of young, highly motivated people, selected basing on their personal gift for, who keep continuously up with latest technology through outdoor professional training courses.

The Cofi team is oriented towards a customer full satisfaction and it is problem solving expert, concerning the application and duration of its products range. It starts from the component design up to a turnkey supply of plants subsystems, made possible thank its own professional ability as well as that of external co-operators.



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