Expansion Joints Teflon

COFLEX®PT expansion joints, made of PTFE, represent the most widely items used  in the industry, although their ideal use is on piping and ducts connected a moving part to a fixed one where rubber or metal joints cannot be used.

These joints allow to get very good performances both under pressure or under vacuum state and thank to PTFE have a very good chemical inertia allowing to convey the most aggressive fluids at very high temperatures. Furthermore, they can be made by graphitized PTFE to reduce the electrostatic charges.

The COFLEX®PT in PTFE expansion joints are usually supplied with carbon steel flanges and suitably varnished for protection purpose and, on request, also with stainless steel flanges. Where deemed necessary, reinforcement rings are provided.

The COFLEX®PT PTFE expansion joints can be supplied on a large range starting from DN 19 through DN 2000 and over and are featured as follows: 

  • Working temperature +200°C to + 270°C
  • No toxic
  • Low friction coefficient
  • No water absorption
  • Considerable mechanical properties
  • Absolutely non adherent.

The COFLEX®PT PTFE expansion joints divide into:

  • COFLEX®PT2 JOINT has two waves            
  • COFLEX®PT3 JOINT has three waves     
  • COFLEX®PT5 JOINT has five waves      
  • COFLEX®PT9 JOINT has nine waves      

However joints with more waves, larger diameter and construction features depending on local requirements can also be manufactured.

The above joints are used in the following industries:

  • Iron and Steel
  • Chemical Industry
  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

For further information and analysis, please refer to Cofi’s Technical Dept.