Expansion Joints Metal

Metal COFLEX®M expansion joints represent the most widely items used in the industry, although their ideal use is on piping connected on one side to a moving part and on the other side to a fixed one where neither rubber nor fabric joints can be used.

COFLEX®M joints can be manufactured using the most suitable metal material, which could be either carbon steels or a wide choice of stainless steel, or Monel®, Inconel®, Hastelloy®.

COFLEX®M expansion joints can be made starting from DN10 to DN8000, round or rectangular shaped.

Most of this type of joints are made by multilayer walls that once assembled undergo a plastic deformation allowing them to get the characteristic convoluted shape.

Metal COFLEX®M expansion joints can be installed on:

·        Piping conveying very low or high temperature flui

·        Conveyance of toxic or explosive gaseous fluids

·        Systems where there is high pressure saturated steam

·        Turbine and diesel engines exhaust duct

·        Turbine and boilers exhaust duct

·        Any kind of system/installation, where temperature, expansion and safety must be safeguarded.

According to the latest Directive 97/23/CE (directive PED) about pressure equipment, customers are to fill in the appropriate attached form PED COFLEX®M allowing Cofi’s Engineering Dept. to submit the most appropriate offer.   

For each joint, a calculated theoretical lifetime is expected according to a stress analysis performed by means of proper software that fulfills the E.J.M.A. standards (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association).

Furthermore, COFI Ltd. can supply Metal COFLEX®M expansion joints already approved by Rina and other Shipping Registers.

For further info and analysis, please refer to Cofi's Technical Dep't required following basic information to be able to perform a right design.

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